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■ Overview

DRC-Hubo, which has capability of assisting humans in responding to natural and manmade disasters, was developed for DARPA robotics challenge. This robot was developed in KAIST, 2013. To conduct the DARPA robotics challenge missions, the design of the robot is focused on various work performances and strongness. The actuator power of each joint is increased by using high power motors and applying air-cooling system. Also the newly created vision system and the force-torque sensors make the robot can interact with environment. One of the DRC-Hubo’s specialties is transformation. Once it transforms, the robot changes to four-feet walking robot which is more stable than bipedalism. In the software fields, we apply hard real-time linux system to increase robustness of the system.


■ Features

 Actuators For Each Joint : BLDC Motor With Harmonic Reduction Gear

 Motor Servo Controller For Each 2 Actuator

 Air-Cooling System in Legs

 3-Axis F/T Sensor on the Wrist and Ankle

 Man Computer and Real Time Controller on the Chest

 Li-Polymer Battery on the Chest

 Stereo Vision System in the Head

 Smart Power Controller : Status Monitoring

 Over all weight is about 60kg

 34 DOF


■ Specification