HuboQ (Quick Delivery Robot)

  • Overview

HuboQ is a ‘Quick Delivery Robot’ which have been developed since 2009. The purpose of HuboQ is to deliver objects quickly from small and delicate objects to heavy objects up-to 9kg. The active suspension technology and the model-based ZMP stabilization algorithm are implemented for safe and quick delivering. We guarantee the stability of objects even in quick forward and rotational movement. The maximum acceleration is 0.6g and the maximum velocity is 20km/hr. The HuboQ is possible to transform to 4 wheel mode to 2 wheel balancing mode and vice versa. It is possible to ride on the HuboQ in the 2 wheel balancing mode like Segway.

  •  Features

    – Water Glass Delivering with Fast speed and Safety

    – Object Delivering up-to 9kg

    – Forward Acceleration up-to 0.6g

    – Forward Velocity up-to 20km/hr

    – Rotation Velocity up-to 100deg/s

    – 4 wheel – 2wheel Transformable Mobile Platform

    – 2 Wheel Human-Riding Mode (Segway Mode)

    – Active Suspension Control for Disturbance Rejection

    – Sensor Ready for Navigation

  •  Video