• Overview
HUBO is one of the most famous humanoid robot platform in the world and also represents robot technology of the Republic of Korea to the world. HUBO2 is the latest version of the HUBO series. This robot was developed in KAIST, 2009. Based on our experience over 10 years, we accomplished an improved robot system and performance ability in such tasks as motion, walking and even running. The main goal of the HUBO2 design was to achieve the lightest human-size humanoid robot in the world. The design for the light arms of HUBO 2 changed to 7-DOF and became more compact so that its motion could be swift. Through its light weight, HUBO 2 can run at a maximum speed of 3.6 km/h. Moreover, new the walking algorithm permitted stretched leg walking, which was different from previous robots.
  • Features

    • Actuators For Each Joint : BLDC and  DC Motor With Harmonic Reduction Gear
    • Motor Servo Controller For Each 2 Actuator(18 EA)
    • 3-Axis F/T Sensor with Tilt Sensor in the ankle
    • Inertial Sensor on the Pelvis
    • 3-Axis F/T sensor on the Wrist
    • Main Computer and Real Time Controller on the Chest
    • Li-Polymer Battery on the Chest
    • CCD Camera(1EA) in the Head
    • Smart Power Controller : Status Monitoring
    • Higher Stiffness Speed with Light Weight
    • Over all weight is about 43kg including exterior case
    • 38 (40)DOF
  • Specification