Hubo Running

  • Running Pattern Generation1) Problem of Resolved Momentum Control

– Hopping and Running have a flight phase.

– Biped can rotate itself during a flight phase.

– Rotation can make unstable landing.

    1. Set Angular Momentum of COM = 0
    2. Make the perfect trajectories of Linear and angular momentum
    3. Unnatural body motion
    4. It is impossible to find the perfect trajectories.

– Therefore, it is necessary to find new pattern generation method

2)Forward Pattern Generation in the Sagittal Plane

3)Y-directional Pattern Generation in the Frontal Plane

4)Yaw-axis Pattern Generation in the horizontal plane

– Yaw axis angular momentum is caused by a x-directional foot motion.

– Yaw axis angular momentum can be eliminated by a trunk motion.

– A system could be simplified.

5)Real Time Control Structure