• Overview

In 2013, DRC-Hubo, which has capability of assisting humans in responding to natural and manmade disasters, was developed for DARPA robotics challenge. And upgrade version of DRC-Hubo, DRC-Hubo+, participates DRC final in 2015. DRC-Hubo+ is much powerful than preview Hubo series by new design. Also it operates high performance in the various fields such as walking performance, manipulability and vision recognition. Specially, DRC-Hubo+ has high mobility because it can transform from bipedal mode into wheel mode which the robot rolls by using wheels in the knee. Recently, with DRC-Hubo+, robust bipedal walking and manipulability are on researching.

  • Features
  1.    Robust mechanism
    – No external cables
    – Stiff mechanical structure
    – Modular design
  2.  Robost behavior under rough environment
    – Stable behavior under various sun light noise, rough ground and bps bandwidth condition
  3. Smart power management
    – Stable power for PC, communication, etc. via Super-capacitor
    – Soft start-up circuits
  4. Effective heat dissipation
    – Custom designed finned air cooling with a fan
    – Heat dissipation through body
  5. Balance between Supervisory and Autonomy
    – Supervisory:
    Indicate “Where to go” in 2D vision space.
    Indicate “Region of Interest (ROI)” for the objects in 2D.- Autonomy:
    Get objects in 3D cloud data from LIDAR
    Script base autonomy- Manual:
    Augmented virtual space manipulation in 3D cloud data
    Visual servo
  6. Real time OS and framework for multi-agent system
    – PODO
  7. Stable and reliable mobility
    – Transformable to upright and kneeling postures
  8. Compliance control
    – Dynamic egress : Computed torque method
    – Door, Valve, etc. : Variable low gain
  •  Specification
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