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Controller Overview BLDC / DC Motor Unit, which include Controller & amplifier in Compact size, communicate with main controller by Can(Controller area network). With Embedded PLL algorithm, this unit controls motor control cycle according to main controller’s control cycle. By this control algorithm, it can achieve smooth velocity control. It has outside a [...]


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IMU sensor Inertial Measurement Unit   Feature  - Compact sized light weight IMU (0.03Kg)  - 3-axis attitude measurement  - Low power consumption  - Wide input voltage range  

F/T sensor

By |2019-04-24T10:27:14+09:004월 24th, 2019|

F/T sensor OverviewWe developed F/T (Force/Torque) sensor for HUBO. The F/T sensor module is composed of three Full bridge to measure three axis force and torque (Mx, My, Fz). The foot F/T sensor is used to compensate the designed ZMP path, and also to feel the ground contact condition, which are critical issues [...]

Hubo Hand

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Hubo Hand Functional hand mechanism design - 1 motor /finger - Tendon drive system - Shape adaptive grasping - Compact size - Grasping Force : 0.2Kg/finger (5DOF/hand) - Holding Force : 1.75Kg/finger - Weight: 380g hand parts Video clips

Hubo Arm

By |2019-04-23T17:21:55+09:004월 23rd, 2019|

Hubo Arm Design features -  Total 6 DOFs -  Backlash less : harmonic reduction gear -  Space efficient design : frame structure  as a reduction gear housing -  Wide working range : Elbow joint offset - Weight: 3.5 Kg Video Clips [...]


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HuboQ (Quick Delivery Robot) Overview HuboQ is a ‘Quick Delivery Robot’ which have been developed since 2009. The purpose of HuboQ is to deliver objects quickly from small and delicate objects to heavy objects up-to 9kg. The active suspension technology and the model-based ZMP stabilization algorithm are implemented for safe and quick delivering. [...]


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DRC-Hubo+ Overview In 2013, DRC-Hubo, which has capability of assisting humans in responding to natural and manmade disasters, was developed for DARPA robotics challenge. And upgrade version of DRC-Hubo, DRC-Hubo+, participates DRC final in 2015. DRC-Hubo+ is much powerful than preview Hubo series by new design. Also it operates high [...]


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DRC-Hubo Overview DRC-Hubo, which has capability of assisting humans in responding to natural and manmade disasters, was developed for DARPA robotics challenge. This robot was developed in KAIST, 2013. To conduct the DARPA robotics challenge missions, the design of the robot is focused on various work performances and strongness. The [...]


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Hubo2 Overview HUBO is one of the most famous humanoid robot platform in the world and also represents robot technology of the Republic of Korea to the world. HUBO2 is the latest version of the HUBO series. This robot was developed in KAIST, 2009. Based on our experience over 10 years, we accomplished [...]

오준호 교수,”로봇은 인간의 품위 유지를 도와줄 것”

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로봇신문 2018.10.31 “로봇은 인간의 품위를 유지하는데 도움을 줄 것이다.” 카이스트 오준호 교수는 미 온라인 뉴스 미디어인 ‘쿼츠(Quartz)’와의 인터뷰에서 로봇이 인간을 보다 좋게, 그리고 행복하게 만들 것이라고 말했다. 몸을 잘 가누지 못하는 노인들이나 장애인들은 일상적인 생활을 잘 하지 못해 인간으로서의 품위를 잃기 쉽다며 로봇이 몸이 불편한 노인들과 장애인들의 삶을 보다 풍요롭게 해줄 것이라고 지적했다. 쿼츠 취재팀은 다르파 로봇 [...]